Most connectivity issues can be resolved by performing the steps below.

  1. Restart the computer. Restarting the computer ensures that a new network connection is made by the user. 
  2. Changing Servers. Changing servers or manually setting VIPRE WiFi Shield to connect to a server can also help establish a more stable connection. Follow the steps below to manually change the server:
    1. First, right-click (PC) or click (Mac) on the VIPRE WiFi Shield wave icon located in your task bar next to the clock and select Settings.
    2. Click the Advanced tab. 
    3. The Change Location drop-down menus allow you choose a different server location. Select a different server than you have selected from the Change Location menu. 
    4. Click Apply.
    5. Right-click (PC) or click (Mac) on the VIPRE WiFi Shield wave icon and select Activate.

3. In some rare instances there could be a Firewall that may be preventing a connection to our servers. Changing the setting in computer Firewall can help with the VPN connecting successfully.

4. Sending a Connectivity Report. A Connectivity Reports will display if there is a software installed on a user’s computer that may interfere with VIPRE WiFi Shield connecting. For example, another VPN, or other Internet Security Software.

1. Launch VIPRE WiFi Shield

2. Click on the VIPRE WiFi Shield Wave icon located in your taskbar.

3. Click on Help.

4. Click on the Connectivity Test tab.

5. Click on the Connectivity Test button.

6. You will see Performing Connectivity Test, Private WiFi is checking the network. Please wait.

7. After the Test is complete, please click on the Send Report button.