The VIPRE Cloud Agent is failing to install. The MSI file installs with no error, but the Cloud Agent does not appear afterwards. 

The Microinstaller log file shows that the Cloud Agent failed to connect to VIPRE with Error 12157.

The Microinstaller log is located at:   

C:\ProgramData\VIPRE Business Agent\Logs\Microinstaller.csv

An example of this issue looks like: 

ERR 4092596411/01 09:30:59.330SBECommunicationLibATL::CSoapWininetClient::SendRequest:Error 12157 while trying SendRequest.
ERR 4092596411/01 09:30:59.851SBECommunicationLibATL::CSoapWininetClient::SendRequest:Error 12157 while trying SendRequest.
ERR 4092596411/01 09:31:00.381SBECommunicationLibATL::CSoapWininetClient::SendRequest:Error 12157 while trying SendRequest.
ERR 4092596411/01 09:31:00.902SBECommunicationLibATL::CSoapWininetClient::SendRequest:Error 12157 while trying SendRequest.
ERR 4092596411/01 09:31:01.418SBECommunicationLibATL::CSoapWininetClient::SendRequest:Error 12157 while trying SendRequest.
ERR 4092596411/01 09:31:01.419SBAMInternetAccessCEnterpriseServicesProxy::GetAgentConfig:VpeGetAgentConfigWithMACAddr() failed,  hr=0x80004005, SOAP Client error  5 (SOAPCLIENT_SEND_ERROR(5) Failed to send the message).


  • VIPRE Cloud Agent


Run the attached SecureProtocols.reg file to update the system SSL/TLS registry settings. Then uninstall the Cloud Agent and reinstall.


Modify the value of the following registry key manually:

  • HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\SecureProtocols 

We suggest setting this key to aa0 for a successful Cloud connection.


The agent system is attempting a SSL/TLS connection using insecure and outdated protocols. Due to this the Cloud server is rejecting the fundamentally insecure communication.

The SecureProtocols key modifies which SSL/TLS protocols the system chooses to connect with. If this key was set incorrectly it could be forcing the system to always connect with insecure protocols such as SSL 2.0.

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