Release Information:

  • Product: VIPRE Business (Endpoint Security)
  • Version: Deployed Agent 10.0.7233
  • Released: January 18, 2018


  • The amount of working RAM required by the SBAMSvc service has been reduced
  • Changes made to Malicious URL Blocking would sometimes not appear on-screen until the window was reopened
  • Some users attempting to print a file using Adobe Acrobat DC were unable to do so
  • AntiPhishing was incorrectly detecting a part of a domain as a threat
  • AntiPhishing was not properly detecting threats in emails with a blank subject
  • Certain infected files were being remediated differently between different versions of VIPRE
  • Realtime Active Protection was not blocking all test samples created by a custom test tool
  • Certain test samples were being deleted instead of quarantined
  • During setup, VIPRE's scanning could occasionally cause sharing violations
  • Custom exclusion settings could occasionally disappear

Download Details:

VIPRE Business Agents are updated by the Version 10 VIPRE Business Console.

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