Release Information:

  • Product: VIPRE Business (Endpoint Security)
  • Version: Management Console
  • Released: January 18, 2018


  • The Firewall Daily Intrusions Blocked report could sometimes show incorrect numbers of intrusions blocked.
  • Some VIPRE consoles would crash due to an issue reading XML data.
  • The Weekly Health report now includes the VSS site name on the report.
  • On certain systems, updating to .NET 4.6 while updating the VIPRE Console to 10.0 was causing an immediate
    forced reboot. Reboot is still needed when updating .NET 4.6 but is no longer immediately forced.
  • Machines with a large number of virtual NICs could not install the agent.
  • For sites with unapplied patches, the statistics show in “Severity of Unapplied Patches” were calculated
  • Report created to show “Last Full Scan Finished” statistics.
  • Certain IDS rules were not properly being copied over into the SNORT_RULE table, leaving it blank.

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Note: There is no reboot requirement for this update

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