The release of VIPRE version 11 will end certification for Windows Vista operating systems. This is in accordance with Microsoft's end of support for Windows Vista:

As the version 11 VIPRE agent will not run properly on Windows Vista, any agents installed on Windows Vista should be moved to a new policy with software updates disabled. The steps to do this are different for on-premise VIPRE Server and VIPRE Cloud.

For VIPRE Server Edition: 

Creating a Windows Vista policy:

  1. Open the VIPRE Console
  2. Right click on the existing policy and choose Copy Policy
  3. Choose a name for the new Windows Vista policy
  4. Right click on the new policy and choose Policy Properties
  5. Select the Updates section
  6. Disable the option for : Check for agent software updates periodicity in hours
  7. Reassign each Windows Vista into this policy from the Protected Computers list, via Right Click --> Reassign Agent to Policy

For VIPRE Cloud Edition: 

Creating a Windows Vista policy: 

  1. Log into the VIPRE Cloud site ( )
  2. Change to the Policies tab on the left
  3. Find the existing policy and click the Clone Policy button to the right
  4. Choose a name for the new Windows Vista policy and click Save
  5. Browse to the new policy and click View to edit settings
  6. Select the Agent tab on the left
  7. Scroll down to Updates & Communication
  8. Disable the option for Automatically update VIPRE agent software
  9. Click Save in the top right
  10. Change to the Devices tab on the left
  11. Check each Windows Vista device in this list
  12. From the top right, choose Actions and then Assign Policy
  13. Move these agents into the new Windows Vista policy

From time to time a Windows Vista system may need a new VIPRE agent installed from a legacy installer package. For assistance with creating the legacy installer, please Contact Support and have this information ready:

  1. VIPRE License Key
  2. Contact Information
  3. Number of Windows Vista systems to be protected
  4. How are the Windows Vista systems distributed on your network? Are they all on the local network? Are some remote systems?