VIPRE has the ability to scan and/or update definitions from the command line. This feature is useful if the User Interface of the program is not opening but the tray icon indicates that VIPRE is functional.  

To do so, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Open a command prompt and navigate to the VIPRE installation directory. By default VIPRE is installed in one the following folders:
    • 32bit: cd c:\Program Files\VIPRE
    • 64bit: cd c:\Program Files (x86)\VIPRE
  2. Run the following executable: sbamcommandlinescanner.exe 

The following are the valid parameters you can use with this tool:

For VIPRE Advanced Security (Home version)

  • /displaylocaldefversion - gets current local threat definition file version
  • /displayvipreversion - gets current vipre version
  • /displaysdkversion - gets current SDK version
  • /displaylastscantime - gets the last scan date and time
  • /displaylastscanresult - gets the last scan results
  • /scannowquick - starts a QUICK scan
  • /scannowfull - starts a FULL scan
  • /scanfile [PathToFile] - starts a FILE scan *see note below*
  • /updatedefs - starts update definition
  • /applydefs [PathToDefs] - apply definitions
  • /enableap - enables active protection (real time protection)
  • /disableap - disables active protection (real time protection)
  • /apstate - shows state of active protection (real time protection)
  • /enablefw - enables firewall
  • /disablefw - disables firewall
  • optional /nr - change quick and full scan functionality to not remediate
    • e.g. /scannowfull /nr - starts a FULL scan with no remediation

For example, to run a full scan use the commands below:

  1. cd C:\Program Files (x86)\VIPRE
  2. sbamcommandlinescanner /scannowfull

For example, to apply manual defs to the program

  1. cd C:\Program Files (x86)\VIPRE
  2. sbamcommandlinescanner /applydefs c:\user\admin\desktop\filename.sgnx

Note: The /scanfile option is designed to work for a specific vendor's mail plugin and will not show results of a scan or clean a threat through the command line.  It is designed to return a Boolean value through the mail plugin.  This feature will ONLY work through the mail plugin and will not do anything to actively protect a computer through the command line.

Warning: Once you start a scan, do NOT manually attempt to terminate it. The scan MUST be allowed to complete to avoid config errors. You will receive a notification that the scan is running. Once the scan completes, you will receive the message "DONE:CleaningComplete."