What is a Kill Switch?

A kill switch shuts down all Internet traffic if/when your current VPN connection stops working. This is a great feature to enable if you want to maximize your privacy and anonymity because having a kill switch kills your internet if you are not being protected by the VPN. This means your privacy will still be safe and secure even if the connection to our VPN is lost.

Does IPVanish Have a Kill Switch?

Currently, only the Android, and Windows clients support this feature.

Turning on the Kill Switch for (Windows)

To turn on the Kill Switch for Windows, click on the Settings Gear icon on the left, click Connection and click the slider labeled Kill Switch as shown below. 

You can enable the Block LAN Traffic feature if you want to block all local network traffic (blocking access to local media servers like Plex or a NAS) as well as all internet traffic once you are disconnected from Internet Shield VPN.

Turning on the Kill Switch for (Android) - (Only available on Android 8+)

Follow the steps below to turn on the Kill Switch on your Android device: 

Tap Settings from the Hamburger menu on the left side of the screen, tap Connection and scroll down to identify the Android OS Kill Switch option.

A pop-up message detailing the further actions to be taken appears on your screen. You can either follow the instruction or tap the TAKE ME THERE option to proceed.

Now you will reach the VPN screen. Tap on the Settings (cog wheel) button next to the VIPRE VPN app icon seen on the VPN screen.

First, turn on Always-on VPN and then Block connections without VPN to proceed.

Tap TURN ON on the VPN Connection confirmation message to turn on the Kill Switch. 

Access the VIPRE VPN application from your home screen and connect it from the Quick Connect screen to continue browsing through our secure VPN.