VIPRE has been notified that a small number of customers are experiencing network issues on specific Microsoft Windows server builds with specific configurations after deployment of the new v12 agent. To date we have not yet been successful at reproducing this issue in any of our testing environments, but we are working closely with affected customers to understand and fix the problem. In the meantime, we have prepared a workaround that will temporarily allow you to disable the new networking features of the v12 agent and restore your server to working order.

The workaround involves three main steps:
  1. Modify your server policies (or create a new server policy, and move the affected systems into that policy) to disable the agent network features.
  2. Add the new hot fix agent build, which includes the workaround, to your instance of VIPRE Endpoint Cloud.
  3. Deploy the new agent to the affected devices.

Once deployed, the new agent will adopt the new policies, disable the networking features, and your server should be restored to working order.

Provided here are more details on exactly how to accomplish this:

  • Log in to your VIPRE Endpoint Cloud console
  • In the left-hand nav, select Policies.
  • If all the servers within a policy are affected, View that policy to edit it —OR— if only a few servers are affected, clone your existing server policy and View that policy
  • In the policy, visit the Web/DNS Protection section and ensure all features are disabled

  • In the policy, visit the Firewall section and ensure the Firewall is disabled

  • If this is a new policy, visit the Summary section, select Assign This Policy at top and add the affected servers to the policy
  • Save your changes
  • In the left-hand nav, select “Deploy Agents”
  • In the right-hand section, select Enter Build Code and paste in the following code: 8483D5D66E04B1BD59A6A0DD1D7C49D8
  • Once the new agent build appears in the center of the screen, select Update Devices
  • Select the affected devices from the list (you can filter the devices shown via the filters at top) and then choose Update Selected

After the agent is updated, it should pull in the new policy, fully disable the new network features, and your servers should be fully functional.