This article will walk you through updating your VIPRE Legacy(9.6, 10, 11) console and agents to VIPRE Endpoint Security Console version

When Upgrading the VIPRE Business Console, it is recommended to ensure a copy of the Database is saved should any issues occur that may cause corruption.

Click Here for instructions regarding Database Restoration

Note: The type of Database being used (Internal / External) can be found by opening Site Properties, choosing the Advanced Settings tab, and then click Configure.

Collecting the Console's SiteGUID:

Each Database utilizes an identifying "SiteGUID" which needs to be saved.
  1. Open RegEdit and navigate to the following key:
    • Version 10 to Current(12):
      • x86: HKLM \ Software \ VIPRE Business
      • x64: HKLM \ Software \ Wow6432Node \ VIPRE Business
  2. Note the "SiteGUID" to store with the backup of the Database

Backing up an Internal Database:

Close the Console and stop the VIPRE Business Site Service

  1. Navigate to the "SQLite" folder in the Console's Volatile Data folder:
    • C:\ProgramData\VIPRE Business\SQLite\ 
  2. Copy the Vipre.s3db file to a safe location with the SiteGUID
  3. Start the VIPRE Business Site Service

Backing up an External SQL Database:

If absent, install Microsoft's SQL Management Studio Express: 2005 / 2008
  1. Close the Console and stop the VIPRE Business Site Service
  2. Detach the VIPRE Database: How to Detach a Database
  3. Copy the Database's MDF and LDF files to a safe location with the SiteGUID
  4. Re-Attach the VIPRE Database: How to Attach a Database
  5. Start the VIPRE Business Site Service

Note: The Database files' names and location are listed in the "Files" tab of its Properties.

Once your VIPRE Database, and SiteGUID, have been backed up and moved to a secure location(Desktop), your VIPRE Console is now ready to be upgraded.

To get the Console installer for the version you are upgrading to visit here: Downloading previous versions of the VIPRE Business Console

Or here for the latest installer: 
VIPRE Endpoint Security Console Installer(

Once downloaded, Restart the VIPRE Site Service, and run the installer for the version you are upgrading.

Follow the prompts for installing the new VIPRE Console Version( 

The installer will prompt you to review the release notes: VIPRE® for Business Release Information

Continue thru the prompts, and allow VIPRE to install.

Once successfully installed, the VIPRE Business Upgrade utility will run.

This will upgrade your current VIPRE Database, to the new version.

Select Next, and the Utility will convert your Database.

Once the Database has successfully been converted, there will be a few settings the utility will prompt you for, please follow accordingly.

NOTE: These can be adjusted after the install is completed.

Once completed, the VIPRE Console will re-open showing that it has been upgraded to the new console.

Before any new changes are made, you will want to ensure that you are able to access your VIPRE Database.

The Dashboard will open to the new console version, with your Database accessed successfully.

If the database is showing that it is down, you will want to make sure that your new SiteGUID matches the original, that was initially backed up.

Stop The VIPRE Site Service in Services.msc

Open RegEdit and navigate to the following key:

  • Version 10 to Current(12):
    • x86: HKLM \ Software \ VIPRE Business
    • x64: HKLM \ Software \ Wow6432Node \ VIPRE Business

Make sure the SiteGUID in the Registry and your original SiteGUID are the same, If the one in the registry is different, replace with the original SiteGUID.

Restart the VIPRE Site Service, and Re-open the VIPRE Console.

The Database should now be opened.

Once upgraded, the current VIPRE Console will have all of your agents, Policies and settings.

If you do not see all of your agents right away, allow some time for those agents to report in.

Navigate to: Site Properties and Verify the following.

License Key information is correctly reporting expiration date, and show you your current license usage counts.

Next Navigate to "Agent Software": Make sure that the agent versions "VIPRE Business" and VIPRE Business Premium" are NOT selected. 

The new agent version for VIPRE Endpoint Security 12 will run agent " VIPRE Endpoint Security". 

You can still get the Legacy installers for the older OS version, by selecting the version, when building a policy installer.

In the same window, navigate to "Updates" section: Make sure that you have the latest Agent versions, and Definitions downloaded to the console. You can force this to update if it has not yet, by pressing the "Agent" and "Definitions" Buttons under the "Updates Override" Section.

When pressed they will reflect "Work In progress" and then "Healthy" once they have been successfully downloaded.

Once fully upgraded you can now schedule your agents to be upgraded at a specific time, or allow the policy to automatically upgrade. It will only automatically upgrade the agents, if you have it applied in the agent policies.

If you have any questions, or issues during the upgrading process or before, please Contact VIPRE Support