The purpose of this announcement is to inform VIPRE Endpoint Security Server 
customers that legacy endpoint agents should be updated as soon as possible 
(Business Premium customers see below). In accordance with internal security 
initiatives, we have deprecated and are planning to shut down a service that is used
by older agents to check for malicious URLs. VIPRE recommends that all customers 
using v9.x, v10.x, and v11.x agents update those agents to v12 now to maintain full
compatibility and security.
Note that our most recent versions of VIPRE software are not affected as we have 
already migrated to using a new service. Many of our customers however have not 
yet updated all agents in their environments, and are still running older unpatched 
versions. It is these older agents that should be updated.
We intend to shut down the service in question as of Tuesday, October 13. Agents 
not updated by that time may not properly block access to all malicious URLs, and 
may experience performance issues in the Outlook plugin. A temporary workaround 
is available by disabling the “Malicious URL Blocking for HTTP” feature and the 
“Anti-phishing” feature for email. We recommend however that you re-enable these
policies as soon as you have finished updating your agents.
For customers that cannot update agents in this timeframe, we are working on 
another workaround that will ensure complete continued protection, but will likely 
require a patch to be applied to each affected device. Please contact VIPRE Support 
for more information about this option.
VIPRE Business Premium customers
: We are preparing a hot fix for your 11.x 
legacy agents that will address this issue. Check your consoles for an updated 
If you have questions about this announcement, contact VIPRE Support for more