• Double-Click on the VIPRE Agent located in the Taskbar
  • Click on Help and Support tools.  Check the field "Log Firewall Driver Activity"


  • Click "Run Diagnostics..."
  • Enter the VIPRE Support Ticket Number
  • Leave all items checked except the field "Automatically send the files to VIPRE."

  • Click "Ok"

You will then need to zip the created folder residing on your desktop and upload to the FTP site below:

  1. Navigate to ftp://ftp.threattrack.com/ using Windows Explorer. (Not Internet Explorer)
  2. Log-in with the following credentials by selecting: File > Log-in as...
    • Username: TTSSupport
    • Password: Supportfiles99
    • (Note: If "File" if not visible, tap the ALT key)
  3. Drag and drop the previously created Zip File into this window.

Important: Inform Support when the upload has finished.