Creating new installer with Embedded Key 

  1. Open up outlook
  2. Click on file And then options 
  3. This will open up the outlooks options menu . After that we would have to navigate to add-ins
  4. Once we are on the add-in in page client on safesend and then client on add-in options 
  5. Once we are within the safe send options we have to add the new key .To perform this action we have to click on edit settings 
  6. Once we have the setting menu open we Have to navigate to Commonly used options and then insert the new key in the license key location Note this is a long string value number
  7. NOTE After entering in a key the default password is admin1234!  . This can be changed any time . To have a new password embedded into the installer we would have to modify the admin password before creating the new installer  
  8. Now we have the new license key entered we can close out of that menu and then click on store settings .
    This will open up a explorer and we would have to go to a location of a safesend MSI file
    This will create a new Safe send MSi installer with the embedded license key